How do we know which song will be a hit ?

An SPSS Regression Analysis of audio features from Spotify data



What musical features of a song make it popular?

Why does this matter?

  • Increased personalisation 

  • Artists can produce more relevant music

  • Targeted promotion 



10,000 unique songs across 26 genres

Dependent Variable
Popularity Index


Independent Variables*

Duration of song, key, acousticness, danceability, energy, instrumentalness, liveliness, loudness, speechiness, tempo, valence 

*Extracted from Spotify's web API


A predictive model containing energy, danceability and speechiness that explains 15% of the variation in the song popularity.



  • Linear regression

  • Different popularity metric for different genre.

  • Lack of machine learning analysis.

  • Factors like artist popularity and lyrics unaccounted for.

How do I protect my front porch deliveries from thieves? 

Chatty Matty: A Pressure Sensitive Intruder Alarm



My packages were regularly getting stolen from the front porch as I am not at home most of the day and the delivered packages are unattended at the front door for the entire day. Further, putting a surveillance camera was not possible due to privacy concerns in the neighbourhood.


  • Repurposed the traditional circuit of an Atari Punk Console (APC) by switching one output speaker for a pressure sensor.

  • External housing of a door mat to cover the pressure sensor.

  • Electronic circuit in an external box.

  • Since this was a prototype, the box was quite visible and fairly close to the mat itself. Ideally the wire should have been longer and thinner and the box could have been hidden in a corner.


I ended up with a door mat which would make a strange and unpleasant sound if stepped on by the thief. Sufficient to invoke fear and abandon the theft! 

Why are millennial corporates so poor at sticking to fitness regimes?  

An Interview analysis exploring motivations and barriers



My packages were regularly getting stolen from the front porch as I am not at home most of the day and the delivered packages are unattended at the front door for the entire day. Further, putting a surveillance camera was not possible due to privacy concerns in the neighbourhood.


3 Interviews with busy corporate millennials.


I found that the factors affecting the motivation of people to maintain their exercise routines can be broadly categorized into the themes of logistical challenges, physical health and appearance improvement, positive self-realization, accountability and enjoyment of sports. The primary reason for initiating and maintaining an exercise regime was health and appearance improvement (largely weight loss). However, it was also discovered that after sticking with the routine for a while, there was an unanticipated consequence, i.e., the self-realization that exercise was benefitting them in so many more ways than the goal they had set out to achieve. This was a motivating factor to continue with exercise currently as well as in the hypothetical future when their current physical goals would have been achieved. Additionally, aspects of sporting activities such as team spirit and competitiveness were strong motivators for people to be regular

“Instagram motivates me to keep up my routine. There are days when I don’t want to work out but I want to keep up my content posting. Keep up the reputation that I’ve established. Peer pressure kind of situation.”

“Find a reliable workout buddy. You can call each other when one of you doesn’t want to go. You will be accountable to each other.”

“I need my gym to be very close to where I live, or else I won’t go.”

“My best friend and I would go to the gym at 5am”

What do graduate students expect from alumni networking? 

A Focus Group Study



The client GradGov, is trying to understand what alumni networking services they can provide to meet graduate student expectations as well as how they can improve student experiences so that such interactions are more useful.


One hour focus group with 8 graduate students from the Communication, Culture and Technology Program 

Discussion Guide

  1. Do you think alumni interactions can be useful to you as Graduate students?

  2. Describe any experience interacting with Alumni.

  3. What services/support opportunities can the university offer to help you connect with Alumni in a meaningful/useful way?

  4. Did you have similar alumni networking opportunities at your undergraduate institutions? Were they better or worse? How?

  5. Do you want to connect with Alumni from your program or Georgetown University alumni at large, in the field you wish to explore? 


Key Findings


Designing  an artist catalogue 

An Adobe inDesign creation


Design Challenge

As a gallery assistant at BEERS London, I designed the yearly artist catalogue using Adobe inDesign. This was to be featured in the gallery and at global art fairs. The piece has to embody the aesthetic of the BEERS brand and complement the style of all artists represented.

Building an interactive Christmas ornament

Electronic, mechanical and interaction design


Design Challenge


  • Laser cut plywood housing to fit neopixels.

  • Cutout for microphone.

  • Create a ‘light map’ which corresponds to the song.

  • Arduino code for neopixels to respond to sound frequency.

    • Ambient noise reduction filter​

  • Festive theme design.

  • Material for hanging the ornament.


How does one design a quasi-medical wearable? 

Product Development, User Research and Product Testing 



Frontier X is wearable that allows users to recieve EKG analysis continuously and it is unique in the fact that it can do so during exercise.  This has path breaking implications for medical safety as well as athletic performance improvement. However, barriers to entry to the medical device market are huge and it wasn't certain how much traction could be achieved as a preventive wellness product. The challenge was to develop a product and messaging to a segment with high purchasing power with the lowest barrier to entry.  


Primary research

Secondary market research

Customer Segmentation

Health conscious 40+ years


Individuals with cardiac disease

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