Hi there.
I'm Sanjana.

I want to help make complex things a little less complex.

In my past life, I was a lawyer from the London School of Economics, however, after a short stint with a tech-focused venture capital fund I decided to dive deep in to the business of building technology products. I have three years of experience managing product, marketing, communication and business development at a health tech startup. These days you can find me at Georgetown University exploring the way people think, behave, and make decisions through generative and evaluative user research.


I interned with Spotify's Listening Experience as a User Researcher this summer and learnt so much about remote research and working with product managers, designers and data scientists to help keep moving the product forward. I believe that the combination of empathy, research, problem solving, and human-centered design can solve many challenges faced by both private companies and  public bodies. I'd love to continue the learning and continue contributing to the field of user research. 


How can we predict which songs are going to be hits?

An SPSS Regression Analysis of audio features from Spotify data


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